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Summer Ringers 2021-2022

                                              *** TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE – GET INVOLVED – TEST YOURSELF ***

                                                              CORINGA SUMMER RINGERS COMPETITION

                                                                                 Entry Fee $10

Over the coming summer months when the sun will be out and shining for longer, the course conditions will be more favourable and conducive to better scoring, why not challenge yourself by entering into the Summer Ringers Competition and see what the best cumulative net score for each hole you can achieve over the next three months. It’s a challenge not to yourself but also amongst your golfing mates as to who has bragging rights at the end. It’s FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Please support your Club and what the Match Committee is offering to its members.

The Competition Rules are as follows:

  1. Entry Fee is $10 per participant paid prior to the commencement of the qualifying round. In the event you join late, that is after Round 1, then all previous Match of the Day (MOTD) rounds played prior to the qualifying round entered will count

  2. Qualifying rounds only include the Saturday MOTD & Pro Shop Competitions that commenced from the 4 December 2021 to the last qualifying round on the 26 February 2022 (maximum of 13 rounds)

  3. For your round score to count, only those Saturday results entered onto Dotgolf website will be valid. It is your responsibility to ensure your Saturday scorecards are correctly signed off and handed in for processing in the Pro Shop

  4. The number of Competition grades will be dependent on the number of participants entered, up to a maximum of four. Hopefully this will allow all participants to compete amongst their own level. As in previous years, the lower handicap group will be smaller to ensure fair competitiveness

  5. Your collated score for the Ringers competition will be determined no matter what tees you played from in the qualifying Match of the Day competition. However, your net score will be determined by subtracting your current average handicap index (over all the rounds played to date) rather than course handicap, given that this a composite of your handicap off all tees you played from

  6. A weekly Ringers Result Table from the previous week will be published in the weekly Coringa Newsletter email and will also be posted in the Pro Shop Noticeboard the following Saturday

  7. The Entry Fees collected will form the basis of the Prize Pool for the payouts in the Gross and Net competition. The winners declared will be for the:

  • Best Gross Ringer Score in each competition grade

  • Best 2 or 3 Net Ringer Scores in each competition grade (excluding the Best Gross Ringer Score winners) depending on the final entry numbers

  1. In the event of a tie in the Best Gross Ringer Competition, the winner will be determined by the player who has the higher handicap index of the tied players

  2.  In the event of a tie in the Net Ringer Competition, the deadlock will be determined by the player who has the lower handicap index of the tied players

This year will see the introduction of a NEW trophy donated by myself. The “King of the Ringers” trophy will be awarded annually to the participant with the best combined Net Score competed by those who enter both the Summer and Winter Ringers competition.


Ringers Competition Convener

Kevin King

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