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Summer Ringers 2021-2022

Round 12 saw the conclusion of the Summer Ringers Competition was played under mild overcast conditions for the morning part of the round before the southerly front hit in the early afternoon and made for some miserable conditions for those late tee time starters. There were 32 willing Ringers participants who entered the MOTD, to see if they could improve their hole scores in this last remaining round. The course again was presented in excellent condition, except for Hole # 5 with a number of astute golfers noticing and commenting in the clubhouse after their rounds that only about a third of the green at the top had been cut, even though the pin placement for the day was cut near the bottom of the green. A number of reasons were banded about like, the greens mower had broken down, the greenkeeper was running late for his tee-off time etc...but let's not hold it against him as the greenkeeping team has done a tremendous job in keeping on top of the unrelenting grass growth we've had over the summer months, evidenced by the very few browned off areas around the course that we usually encounter. They are to be commended for their efforts and allowing us to enjoy playing on our championship course in the best possible conditions. Thanks Rohan and to his team.


The final results of the Summer Ringers Competition are as follows:

Group A:

Gross - Spencer Wicks                             60                $40

Net - First - Brian Docherty                     52.98          $40

Net - Second - Isaac Preece                    55.35           $30

Net - Third - Albert Yee                            55.58           $20


Group B:

Gross - Andrew Wight                             66                $40

Net - First - Alan Wicks                            49.74          $40

Net - Second - Jonathan Kemp              51.95           $30

Net - Third - Clinton Chase                     53.28           $20


Group C:

Gross - John Maasch                                72                $40

Net - First - Oliver Snape                         46.83          $40

Net - Second - Chris Cottrell                   49.09           $30

Net - Third - Robert Pryce                       50.21           $20


Arrangement will be made with the Pro Shop to have the winners accounts credited with these amounts before the weekend.


In Group A, Spencer Wicks posted the best gross score of 60, out of the whole competition field of 43. He was three shots clear of his nearest rival Albert Yee on 63. Brian Docherty held onto the lead with a net score of 52.98, with a margin of 2.37 over Isaac Preece on 55.35, with Albert Yee managing to hold third spot on 55.58. The first 8 places is within 3.99.


In Group B, Andrew Wight put together the best gross score of 66 in this division, a shot clear of Clinton Chase and the chasing pack hot on his heels. Alan Wicks ended up posting a sub-50 net score of 49.74. He held a nice 2.21 advantage over Jonathan Kemp who in turn held off Clinton Chase on 53.17 who took third sport. The top 10 places were within 5.97, with a number of players still having bogeys to eradicate.


In Group C, John Maasch posted the best gross score of 72 in the most hotly contested division to win by a shot from a tied Chris Cottrell and Trevor Lee. The first 6 players were within 3 shots. Oliver Snape came home in the final round with a wet sail and smoked his rivals in the net score with an impressive 46.83, 2.26 margin over Chris Cottrell on 49.09 and Robert Pryce sneaking into third position on 50.21. Besides the wide margin between first and second, the next 13 places was only covered by 6.30.


There were an additional 12 qualifying birdies recorded by the Ringers field in the final week, with Spencer Wicks heading these stats with 13 birdies. It was a great effort given that many of the rounds were played off the back tees therefore challenging himself, rather than taking the easy option of shorter tees. Albert Yee who played in the Foley Cup final against Andrew Wight, couldn't match his impressive round of the previous week, held down second spot with ten birdies. Congratulations to Andrew who stuck in there , playing his game and coming out on top. Overall the Ringers field accumulated 152 birdies/eagles over the 12 weeks of rounds played.


We now take a couple of months break before the Winter Ringers Competition begins in June, the second part of the Annual Ringers competition to decide on who claims the inaugural "King of the Ringers" trophy. Thank you to all those who participated and hope that we can get a few more members involved especially our new members to the club...join in the FUN!!!

Until then Happy Golfing everybody.


Kevin King

Ringers Organiser

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