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Winters Ringers  2022 


The thirteenth and final round of 2022 Winter Ringers competition was played again under cloudy cool conditions with hardly a breath of wind encountered during the round. It allowed the players to drive long on the fairways and to go pin-seeking with their approaches, the greens were as rolling as good as ever and it's a credit to our hardworking greenkeepers. 

This week saw the Ringers participants have a choice to play off either the Blue or the Silver tees except for the two ladies in the field. .  


After Round 13, with the field having broken up into three separate groups with the lower handicapped group containing 9 players and the other 2 groups with 18 players each. Please note that these groups are dynamic, in that if your calculated weekly average handicap index for the competition is on the borderline of the designated group classification, this could mean that there are possible switches in groups for those players. There was one interchange of players between Group A and B and it rewarded one of the players.

In Group A - Mal Ashton (10.7) held on to his lead with 54.350, ahead of Mel Newburn (5.7) who held onto second spot on 56.291 after not participating in the last round, with Isaac Preece (8.6) holding onto third on 56.400. Vance  Hetaraka (11.2) was the benefactor of a change in Groups moving up from B with James Willetts dropping into Group B, he slotted into fourth on 56.808, with Paul Snape (11.1) dropping into fifth on 56.878. 

In Group B - Alan Wicks (20.0) came home with a wet sail and fully inflated spinnaker and swept into the top position with a narrow winning margin of 0.304 on 49.650, from David Cross (17.0) who dropped a spot on 49.954, with Andrew Wight (19.3) improving two places to be in third place on 50.725. Phil Olsen (17.8) dropped two places to be in fourth position on 51.164 with Lex Halford (12.8) dropping two places to fifth position on 51.231.

In Group C - After weeks of seeing a number of lead changes in this Group, it was of no surprise that that we saw another after the final round. In the closest of finishes, it saw Jonathan Kemp (21.7) on  47.273 edge ahead of Alan Smith (31.7) by the miniscule margin of 0.009. Keith Yardley (25.1) dropped a spot to hold third on 47.942, with Peter Marsh (38.2) holding onto fourth on 48.800. Gordon McCoy (23.0) held onto fifth position on 49.000.


The hardest hole proved to be Hole # 15 with only two birdies, followed by Holes # 8 and # 13 with four birdies, followed closely behind by Holes # 2 and # 10, with five birdies recorded on each. The easiest birdie hole for the Ringers field was by far Hole # 12 with an eagle and 21 birdies, followed by Holes # 1 and # 14 with 15 birdies each.

In the end, 41 players who have managed to secure a better than net score of 60. There were an additional eagle and 9 birdies recorded by the Ringers field this week, taking the field tally to 162, Mel Newburn (5.7) now heads the birdies or better statistics with 11 birdies. Spencer Wicks (5.2) and John Gaw (6.8) has nine birdies each, with Isaac Preece ((8.6) on eight birdies. Mal Ashton (10.6) has an eagle and six birdies.


The final results to the Winter Ringers Competition are as follows:


Group A:    Gross      Mel Newburn       62           $40

           Net 1st     Mal Ashton          54.350       $40   

           Net 2nd    Isaac Preece          56.400       $25

           Net 3rd     Vance Hetaraka       56.808          $20

           Net 4th     Paul Snape           56.878          $20       


Group B:    Gross      Lex Halford            64          $40

           Net 1st     Alan Wicks           49.650       $40   

           Net 2nd    David Cross           49.954       $25

           Net 3rd     Andrew Wight         50.725          $20

           Net 4th     Phil Olsen            51.164          $20 


Group C:    Gross      Jonathan Kemp      69          $40

           Net 1st     Alan Smith           47.273        $40   

           Net 2nd    Keith Yardley          47.942       $25

           Net 3rd     Peter Marsh              48.800         $20

           Net 4th     Gordon McCoy         49.000         $20 


Congratulations to all the lucky winners, your prizemoney will be credited onto your clubcard for transacting by the weekend. A big thanks to all the participants that took part in the Competition to make it a roaring success. Hopefully we'll see the numbers participating increase especially from the number of new members in the club...the more the merrier and the bigger the payout. Apologies for not getting the weekly Ringers scoresheets updated in the Pro-Shop but that was mainly due to family reasons but hopefully everyone still managed to see their progress on the Club's website or from the weekly Facebook postings uploaded by Gordon McCoy.


An announcement will be made shortly as to who will be crowned the inaugural winner of the "King of the Ringers" Trophy for the combined Summer and Winger Ringers Competition. The trophy is currently being assembled and will be engraved with the winners name and will be presented possibly next week.

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