Winters Ringers  2022 


The fifth round of 2022 Winter Ringers competition was played under frosty cool winter conditions with one additional Ringer participant entered (room for more entries).  With the option of either playing the Blue or Yellow tees, many opted to take on the shorter course in the hope that it would give them better opportunities to attain some birdies over those opting the longer challenge. The hard frosted greens played by the earlier players were difficult to judge where their approaches needed to land first as the first contact with the green always resulted in a big bounce forward. With some coring done in the front approaches to the greens meant that there was some risk that the ball could take an unkind bounce.  

After Round 5, we finally see the previous weeks leader retain the lead,  Gordon McCoy (23.2) on 52.80 now holds a 1.94 margin over Chris Cottrell (26.3) who moves up two places on 54.74. New entry Clinton Chase (13.9) has put his rugby commitments on hold...not sure whether his Mrs had something to do with that decison, he is only 0.41 behind Chris. Jonathan Kemp has moved up 6 places to lie in fourth on 55.96 with Daniel Wilson (25.0) dropping 3 places on 56.00.  

The big movers in the field this week are:Mal Ashton (10.5) up eleven places to lie in 10th position, Peter Marsh (37.6) who improved 10 places to lie in 13th position, Andrew Wight up eighteen places to lie in 16th position and Alan Smith who improved another fifteen places last week to now lie in 17th position.

Prior to the start of Round 5, Hole # 15 was the only remaining hole without a birdie or better, it was finally conquered by Mal Ashton (10.5) and Mel Newburn (5.7). Some of those that read that the previous weeks report took up the challenge. Will it succumb this coming week with the participants being made mindful of this statistic. Now the hardest holes are Holes # 8 and # 13 with one birdie on each.

As the field compresses and the margins begin to narrow, there are now 19 players who have managed to secure a better than net score of 60. There were an additional 15 birdies recorded by the Ringers field this week, with Mal Ashton (10.5) now assuming the lead with 6 birdies, ahead of John Gaw (6.9), Clinton Chase (13.9), Isaac Preece (8.5) and Mel Newburn (5.7) with 5 birdies each, followed by Jonathan Kemp (21.0), Lex Halford (12.8), Andy Trounson (11.3) and Jason McCauley (5.5) with 4 birdies each. 

Please remember to hand in your signed scorecards after the completion of your round into the Pro Shop so that they can be processed as part of the MOTD competition field results. This will enable your round score to be picked up from Dotgolf to be processed as part of your Ringers compilation.

The long range weather for Round 6, is forecasting for rain but clearing with southwesterly winds, with a high of 10 forecasted after an overnight low of 5. Lets hope all the bad weather blows through before the weekend is upon us.  

If you haven't already entered, it's not too late...come and join in on the FUN...just add your name on the entry sheet in the Pro Shop and pay the entry fee of $10, along with the Match of the Day fee...if you played and entered the match of the day of the previous week then that scorecard will be your game and enjoy the friendly rivalry and banter each week as the competition progresses to its finale.  

See you out there on Saturday and Happy Golfing.


Kevin King

Ringers Organiser