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Hole No. 9: TASMAN

originally sponsored by C.K.Ritchie of the Tasman Art Gallery. The hole has a bend with a hillock and trees on the right and some more trees on the left. This hillock or mound as most call it has been lowered and a second mound has been developed. In the early years No. 9 looked a most uninteresting hole from the tee with most of the trees being under two club lengths in height and the club house clearly visible from the tee. With the trees reaching maturity No.9 hole now requires the tee shot to be positioned in the centre of the fairway or the second could be blocked out by the trees on either side of the fairway. As you approached the green on No. 9 with the trees just getting established the Clubhouse was clearly visible.

hole 9 1.jpg


hole 9 2.jpg


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