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originally sponsored by Neville and Phyllis Theobald. Neville was a Londoner who was evacuated to New Zealand in 1940. His childhood area in London was, as you have guessed, Putney Heath.This hole may be short with bunkers both left and right, with a gully in front and long grass at the the back, any indiscretions had to be paid for.
I bet there are a lot of golfers in the club would like to see No. 5 looking wide open like
this now? This hole was one of the many that had two greens in the early stages with the
second green on the ‘flat’ area to the right of the right-hand side of the bunker on the right of the present green. These two greens made the hole play like two completely different holes.
While at times you could run a ball up onto the left-hand green, you had to hit the right-hand green on the fly as there was a deep gulley in the front.


hole 5.JPG


hole 5 2.JPG
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