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originally sponsored by Noel Coulter whose business at the time was making springs.
Nemesis was a Greek goddess responsible for seeing that every man got his true and just
deserts. This is the second to last hole and has wrecked many a good card. For a golfer nearly finishing his round he may get his come-up-pence here. The great bunker in the front of the mound to the right of the willow tree has now gone. (much to the delight of many higher handicappers and the ladies), but in its place a new bunker was formed on the right- hand side covering the front corner of the green when the macrocarpa trees down the right-hand side were removed. The left-hand bunker waits to trap the unwary on the other side. A path used to divide the tee block and the gap between the poplars has challenged many golfers over the years.

hole 17 1.jpg


hole 17 2.jpg


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