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Hole No. 14: DOWN FAULLS

This  name acknowledges the work of Reg Faulls who was a long time member and at one time or another held the office of both the President and Club Captain of Coringa

The right to name this hole was originally to be raffled but the lottery never did take place.
The hole is fairly straightforward with the Black tee tucked well back between the Pines with the
out of bounds running all the way down the left hand side making it an extremely challenging
A wide-open tee when the Wattle to the left was much smaller and encroaching less on the line of flight for those players who slice (fade) their tee shots. Small trees on the course, a plantation next door and power pylons were there for the golfers as they approached the green.
For some time the main green was replaced by a second green, near the out of bounds fence just
short of the left han willows.

hole 14 1.jpg


hole 14 2.jpg


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