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Winters Ringers  2024


The Ringers competition Winter edition now has 48 registered competitors, with another 5 new entries this week, with handicap indexes between 5.50 to 30.9. If you decide to enter in the next few weeks, then any previous qualifying rounds played and recorded on the dotgolf website will be included. 

This is a competition that everyone can compete in and have a fair chance of winning and it does not favour the high handicappers. 

The entry fee is $10 and field is divided into three equal groups that are dynamic, that is the composition of each group is only finalised after completion of the last round and those with handicap indexes that border the ranges may swap between groups depending on their weekly changes in their handicap index. 

Your weekly round scores will be picked up from Dotgolf wesite and a weekly Ringers leaderboard will be published on Facebook, the Coringa website and on the notice board in the Pro Shop.

This is the second part of a two leg competition, competing for the annual "King of the Ringers" Trophy that was won narrowly by Isaac Preece over Drew Butcher last year.

Test your golfing prowess and beat the course hole by hole over a thirteen week period, have some laughs and earn some bragging rights over your fellow competitors. If you're having a bad round to start with, there's always something to play for as you begin to target the remaining holes left on your scorecard to improve on your Ringers score.

Get involved, don't be the one that's missing out on all the FUN...challenge yourself and see what your lowest gross/net score could be if you had the perfect composite round. Get rewarded for your efforts.

There'll be an entry sheet on the Pro Shop counter, next to the cash register, register your name on the sheet and pay your entry fee to Barry.


After Round 3, David Cross (15.4) holds the lead after improving his net score by 1.967 to 57.633, slightly ahead of Graeme Falloon (25.9) who moved up 1 place with a net score of 58.067, followed closely by Andew Wight (24.5) in third spot on 58.467, having moved up 5 places. The most significant  movers this week were Andy Williamson (16.8) moving up 16 places to sixth on 60.200, Chris Choie (16.7) up 19 places to eighth on 60.333, David Harvey (8.1) up 10 places to tenth on 60.867, Greg Carr (28.1) up 15 places to sixteenth on 61.933 and Beverly Gordon up 14 places in seventeenth on 62.000. 

There are only two competitors who are currently over net par but with another 10 rounds to play, the leaderboard will change dramatically over the coming weeks and the range of net scores in the field compresses.

There were another 20 new birdies or better recorded last week, bringing the total to date of 69, with David Harvey (8.1) leading this statistic with a tally of 6 birdies, followed by Lex Halford (10.7) and Spencer Wicks (5.5) with five birdies each, followed by Mal Ashton (8.3) and Albert Yee (7.8) with 4 birdies each. Those with three birdies are Ram Thapa (11.3), Scott Calvert (14.1), Jesse Guise (13.8) and John Deacon (8.3). We're still awaiting the first eagle to be recorded by the field after a record breaking Summer edition.

The only player so far to have to registered par or better on every hole is Murray Angus (12.4), currently placed fourth on the leaderboard. Next best is Spencer Wicks (5.5) who has a bogey on hole # 9 to discard, followed by a handful of players with two bogeys to discard.

The only hole yet to have a birdie registered is hole # 15 and Holes # 2 and # 5 are the only holes without multiple birdies recorded on them.


Kevin King

Ringers Convener

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