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Winters Ringers  2023


After Round 13, the last round of the Ringers competition, we saw last week frontrunners hang on to their respective divisional leads. The last weekend of winter saw us playing under ideal conditions, with hardly a breath of wind and fine overhead, allowing for a great golfing day for all on the course. Again compliments to the greenkeeping staff for maintaining the course and greens to such a high standard, having to endure wet weather and machinery breakdowns. 


Group A

Isaac Preece (6.400) held onto his lead over a last ditch effort by Mal Ashton (9.523) who moves up a spot after getting an eagle on Hole # 14, the third one achieved in the Ringers field. Isaac finished on 49.600, this gave him a final margin of 3.877. Drew Butcher (0.730) slips down to third spot on 54.270 from Vance Hetaraka (9.700) on 55.300, who remains in fourth spot. 

Group B

This group saw Robert Tibbotts (16.600) on 52.400, hold onto a narrow margin over a fast finishing Lex Halford (13.900) on 53.100 who shot up five spots, with Walter Scott (13.836) dropping one spot next on 53.164 and followed closely by Murray Angus (11.733) on 53.267. In the end, the top 9 are within 3.417 of the lead. 

Group C

We saw Peter Marsh (34.454) on 48.546 maintain the lead over his closest challenger, Andy Williamson (17.500) on 50.500, with Tim Donaldson (18.408) holding third spot on 51.592. Jonathan Kemp (19.300) continues to hold onto fourth on 51.700, with Alan Wicks (20.169) next, moving up four spots on 51.831. 


There were another 10 new birdies or better recorded during that week, bringing the final total to date of 177, with Drew Butcher (0.4) clearly leading this statistic with a tally of an eagle and 16 birdies, missing out on only Hole # 13. Next is Isaac Preece (6.2) who now has an eagle and 15 birdies, missing out on birdieing Hole # 16 and 17. Next is Spencer Wicks (6.7) with 11 birdies, followed by Mal Ashton (10.0) with an eagle and 8 birdies and then Mike Arlidge (9.2) and Vance Hetaraka (9.9) with 8 birdies. 


The final results and payouts for the Winter Ringers competition are as follows:


Group A

Gross        Drew Butcher            55         $40

Net - First    Isaac Preece             49.600      $40  

Net - Second  Mal Ashton               53.477      $25

Net - Third       Vance Hetaraka          55.300      $20


Group B

Gross        Murray Angus            65         $40

Net - First    Robert Tibbotts           52.400      $40

Net - Second  Lex Halford               53.100      $25

Net - Third       Walter Scott                53.164      $20


Group B

Gross        Andy Williamson         68         $40

Net - First    Peter Marsh                48.546      $40

Net - Second  Tim Donaldson           51.592       $25

Net - Third       Jonathan Kemp          51.700      $20


Congratulations to all the lucky winners, your prizemoney will be credited onto your clubcard for transacting by the weekend. A big thanks to all the participants that took part in the Competition to make it a roaring success. We had 53 competitors in total contesting over the two Ringers competitions with only 33 players competing in both the Summer and Winter edition. Hopefully we'll see the numbers participating increase especially from the number of new members in the club...the more the merrier and the bigger the payout.


The winner of the King of the Ringers Trophy for 2022/2023 is Isaac Preece who overtook Drew Butcher (who withdrew midway in his round through injury) with his birdie on Hole # 5 in the last round. For a second time in a row, the winning margin this year was a very narrow one, they were separated by a minuscule 0.044. In order to ensure that all competitors in the Trophy race have a fair chance of claiming it, I have made a slight modification to the calculation of the Final Total of the combined Summer/Winter Gross and Net Scores by deducting the players average handicap index. After reviewing the initial results I could see that the higher handicapped players were disadvantaged because they had two high gross scores added.  


Enjoy your golf for the next three months whilst the Ringers competition takes a break and we look forward to the 2023/2024 edition.     


Kevin King

Ringers Organiser

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