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Summer Ringers 2023-2024

After Round 13, we saw the conclusion of the Summer Ringers competition held off the alternate Black and Silver tees for the men and Yellow tees for the women. In the overall field result, we saw Peter Marsh (33.664) take the weekend off and put his feet up at home, He withstood and repelled all challengers with a net score of 45.336, with Trevor Lee (22.055) turning up on course this weekend after having overslept his previous weeks tee time to improve three places to snatch second spot on 47.945, with Jesse Guise (17.009) Slipping a spot into third on 47.991 over Peter Bailey (21.815) who holds down in fourth place on 48.185, with Chris Choie (18.469) dropping into fifth spot, on 48.531.  

The following are the final Group results:
Group A
Best Gross Score:       Isaac Preece      60          $45
Isaac Preece (6.000) claimed the best gross after nailing a birdie on Hole 16 to break clear from a tight pack of three other challengers who finished with 61, that being fast finisher Mal Ashton (8.658), Drew Butcher (0.500) and James Howard (-1.733).
Best Net Score:   1st   Mal Ashton       52.342       $45
               2nd   David Harvey      53.633       $30  
               3rd    Sam Turner      54.283       $25  
Mal Ashton (8.658) clung on to his lead with a increased margin of 1.291 over an improving David Harvey (8.367) with a net score of 53.633 after capturing a couple of birdies. Sam Turner (9.717) drops back a spot to claim third, a margin of 0.650 back on 54.283. 

Group B
Best Gross Score:       Lex Halford      64 (c/b)        $45
Lex Halford (13.846) claimed the best gross after securing a birdie on Hole 14 to tie with Clinton Chase (13.742) and Kyle Charlwood (11.885) all of them 64, however Lex being the one with the highest average handicap index during the competition, wins on countback.
Best Net Score:   1st   Jesse Guise       47.991      $45
               2nd   Clinton Chase     50.258      $30
               3rd    Robert Tibbotts    50.300      $25 
               4th    Phil Olsen                  50.300       $20
Jesse Guise (17.009) maintained his stranglehold lead that he has held over a number of weeks, with an impressive margin of 2.267 over Clinton Chase (13.742) on 50.258, with Robert Tibbotts (15.700) moving into third on 50.300 (on countback) and followed by Phil Olsen (17.700) on 50.300. 

Group C
Best Gross Score:       Chris Choie       67             $45
Chris Choie (18.469) claimed the best gross easily with a three shot margin over a pack of six players on a gross score of 70, namely Trevor Lee (22.055), Peter Bailey (21.815), Kevin King (20.442), Alan Wicks (19.827), David Cross (18.875) and Jonathan Kemp (17.730).
Best Net Score:   1st   Peter Marsh      45.336       $45
               2nd   Trevor Lee           47.945        $30
               3rd    Peter Bailey          48.185                $25 
               4th    Kevin King                 49.558               $20
Peter Marsh (33.664) on 45.336 still holds a comfortable lead of 2.781 over an improving Peter Bailey (21.883), on 48.117, with Chris Choie (18.658) holding into third spot on 48.342. Trevor Lee (22.110) moves up into fourth on 48.890. 

There were an additional 20 birdies or better recorded in this weeks final round, bringing the closing total to 262. James Howard (-1.733) who again did not participate in this weeks round holds his lead in these statistics with an eagle and eleven birdies, Isaac Preece (5.863) holds second with two eagles and 9 birdies, followed by Drew Butcher (0.625) with an eagle and 10 birdies,  followed by Mal Ashton (8.422) with 12 birdies, next is David Harvey (8.840) with 11 birdies.

Looking at the overall Summer Ringers scoresheet, the field did perform creditably to register the highest ever tally of birdies or better in the competition, the highest ever number of eagles attained by the field. The first hole in one recorded in the field by Matt Harrison. Only five players in the field failed to register a birdie. The last and not least important fact was that there was one solitary black cell left to clear that signifying a double -bogey...that belonged to our much admired Alan Smith...Hole 6 proved to be his nemesis.

Congratulations to all the prize winners, your Club card accounts will be credited with your respective winnings by the weekend and thank you to all the participants who took part. Those that didn't register their entry this time round, have a go at the next one. It won't be long before the Winter Ringers competition is upon us to be held over June through to's FUN and there's plenty of banter to be had amongst your playing partners during the round and when you get back into the clubhouse for a debriefing with your fellow competitors.

Kevin King
Ringers Convener

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