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Summer Ringers 2022-2023

Round 13, the final round of the Summer Ringers Competition was completed last Saturday under calm overcast skies to start with before turning up the heat and becoming fine overhead. After a few days of rain during the week, the course was closed due to greens being cored and sanded. It was evident from some of the scores posted that the state and pace of the cored greens did not greatly hinder the putting of most players. Once again is it a credit to the greenkeeping staff for a job well done. 


The final round saw some changes at the top of the leaderboard after weeks of close competition. 


In Group A, Brian McOscar (10.700) on 54.300 managed to edge ahead when he got the birdie on Hole # 6, ending up with a miniscule winning margin of 0.054 over Clinton Chase (10.646) on 54.354, with a further margin of 0.259 to Drew Butcher (4.388) on 54.613. The next 6 places were within 2.621 of the leader. The best gross score was carded by Drew Butcher with a score of 59, with a winning margin of 2 and failing to birdie just four holes from the multiple tees used.  


In Group B,  we saw Kyle Charlwood (14.046) on 49.954 maintain his strong hold of the lead with an winning margin of 1.871 over a fast finishing Lindsay Smith (14.175) on 51.825 who improved four spots, followed by Richard Maguire (14.883) who dropped down a place on 52.117. The next 10 places is separated by less than 4.588. The best gross score in the Group was carded jointly by Kyle Charlwood and John Deacon with a score of 64,however this was awarded to John Deacon as Kyle had already taken out the Net Competition. They had a winning margin of 2.


In Group C, Graeme Falloon (24.525) on 49.475 snatched the lead with a slender margin of 0.003 over John Maasch (21.522) who dropped a spot on 49.478, followed closely by Gordon McCoy (23.413) who retained third place on 49.588. The next 10 places is separated by less than 4.600. The best gross score in this Group was carded by Kevin King with a score of 70, with a winning margin of 1.


There were only an additional 17 new birdies recorded by the Ringers field, bringing the tally to date to 195, with Drew Butcher finally ending up with an impressive fourteen birdies, followed by Spencer Wicks with twelve birdies, followed closely by Frank Young with eleven birdies, then Kyle Charlwood and John Deacon with nine birdies. At this time last year, the final tally of birdies scored in the competition with 43 participants was only 152 so it's a huge credit to the greenkeeping staff for how true the greens have been rolling and playing.


For the winners, your prizes will be credited to your club cards, hopefully before you get to play the MOTD on Saturday.


Thank you to all those that participated and for the ongoing banter out on the course and in the clubhouse. Hopefully we'll get a few more entries in the Winter Ringers competition that will begin in June with a further 13 rounds and will see the conclusion of the King of the Ringers Trophy competition for those that participated in both competitions.


See you out there on the course and Happy Golfing.


Kevin King

Ringers Organiser

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