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Winters Ringers Final  2021 

We were greeted to a cool cloudy morning as the Ringers participants ventured on to the course in the hope that their A-game was forthcoming in the final round. For some, that was what eventuated on the holes that they needed improvement on. 


The final results are as follows:

Group A
Gross - 1st   Mal Ashton             65            $40

Net - 1st       Vance Hetaraka      55.8        $40

Net - 2nd     Spencer Wicks       58.6         $25

Net - 3rd      Dennis Cochrane   58.9         $20


Group B
Gross - 1st   Murray Angus         66            $40

Net - 1st      Gordon McCoy       48.8         $40  

Net - 2nd     David Cross             51.1         $25

Net - 3rd      Kevin King               52.4         $20 


Group C
Gross - 1st   Alan Wicks               71            $40

Net - 1st      John Brettell            50.8         $40

Net - 2nd     Jonathan Kemp      51.9         $25

Net - 3rd      Chris Cottrell           52.8        $20


Congratulations to all the winners and well played!!! Thanks to all those members that participated and we'll look forward to the summer edition.


In the last week, saw another slight change in the composition of the groups with Gordon McCoy and Peter Marsh swapping from Group C into Group B and vice versa with the updates of their respective WHS handicap indexes. 

Last week saw another 12 new birdies recorded by the Ringers field during the round. That brings the overall total to 114 birdies or better. The highlight of the round was Mal Ashton's eagle on the first hole that propelled him to the head of Group A in the Gross section. In the end Mal Ashton finished with an eagle and six birdies, followed by Vance Hetaraka, Spencer Wicks and Murray Angus with seven birdies, followed by David Harvey, Melissa Newburn, Dennis Cochrane, Walter Scott and Gordon McCoy with six birdies, followed by Lex Halford, Chris Choie, David Cross and Alan Wicks each having five birdies.


In the new subscription year, there will be a slight change in Ringers calculation of the accumulated Net Score for each participant. The handicap index used after each round, will now be the calculated weighted average of all handicap indexes corresponding to the Ringers rounds played to two decimal points. This should make it a fairer competition as it will take into account the fluctuations in a participant's handicap index. Also, new Ringers trophies will be awarded for the lowest aggregate Net Score and Gross Score for those that compete in both the Summer and Winter Ringer competition. Hopefully we'll see more members join in on the FUN, especially those that are new to the club.

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