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Open Day  2024

Saturday, 27th January, 



1st  84 points

Oh My God

Hugh Little, Grant Morris, John Matthews, Mike Arlidge

2nd 82 points

Loida's Lads

Loida Smart, Rouan Buitendag, Peter McKay, Walter Scott

3rd 81 points

Nurse Maude

Paul Snape, Bill Hallett, Tracey Bruce, Chris Cottrell

4th 80 points

Left Worst Till Last

Robert Tibbotts, Peter Marsh, Lex Halford, Kevin King

5th 79 points

Bev's Angels

Bev Gordon, Mike Diamond, Kyle Charlwood, Garry Puddy 

6th 77 points

The Butcher's Crew

Andy Ashby, David Harvey, Barry Stringer, Greg Carr

Nearest to pins

Murray Angus (5), Ross MacAskill (7) Barry Stringer (13)

Chris Cottrell (17)

Loudest Shirt 

Bev Gordon

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